Kia Ranks Second in New JD Power Vehicle Dependability Study

Kia have been offering the longest warranty in the industry for some time now, clearly aware of their own reliability but a new study not only shows Kia are reliable but that they are way ahead of most of the competition in this area.

The Study

This is the first  J.D. Power 2015 UK Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS) and it looks across the whole  industry examining problems experienced during the past 12 months by owners of vehicles up to three years old. Overall dependability, or reliability as most people would call it, is determined by the number of issues experienced per 100 vehicles (PP100). The lower the score the higher the long-term quality level of the car is. This kind of study is critically important for not only consumers and car buyers but also for the industry. Without any feedback or fear of being highlighted as unreliable car makers would not strive for success. 

The Results

Kia came out second overall which is an enormous victory for the still fairly new brand. Kia scored 83 when the average was around 112, this shows just how far ahead of many other brands Kia actually was in the study. There was also a special mention for the Kia Ceed which was named the most dependable car in its segment. This great selling and highly popular car now has an extra badge of honour and should be a very serious consideration when looking at a new car.

Kia bosses celebrated but also said this was no surprise and this is one of many reliability awards the brand has received all over the world. It is part of an ongoing and ever growing commitment to build quality, materials and overall reliability. Any manufacturer that is willing to sell cars with a 7 year warranty must be sure they are not likely to have to spend lots of profits on fixing their own cars for customers all the time. The aim of the warranty is to show faith in their own products and this new survey has simply added yet more weight to this faith.

As Kia continues to grow globally it will take this reliability and bring it to more and more customer and types of car. With rumours of GT sports cars, and lots more new designs on the way the stage is set for Kia to become a very serious player in the motoring world, it is certainly one that many of the big boys now take a lot of notice of.