500,000th Qashqai Rolls Off The Production Line

Production of the new Nissan Qashqai has just hit the 500,000 mark and as well as this being good news for buyers it also happens to be a record in terms of production in the UK that has stood since the 1960s.


The 500,000th Qashqai has rolled off the assembly line in Sunderland and in doing so has pushed Nissan into the record books for the making this number of cars in the smallest amount of time. It took Nissan just 21 months to build half a million Qashqais. This means since January 2014 Nissan have been producing one of these super successful SUVs every 62 seconds. These figures show the Qashqai has beaten the previous records set by the MK1 Ford Cortina, which took 34 months to reach the 500,000 mark, and the Austin/Morris 1100/1300 which reached the same total in 29 months.  

Global Demand

Around 100,000 of these UK built cars actually ended up sold in the UK the rest have been shipped all over the world. Although the Qashqai was originally designed for the European market it soon became clear that other countries wanted it too and it is now shipped to 84 countries globally including places like Uganda, Zambia, and Saint Kitts. It will also be built in Russia soon to supply the massive domestic market there so the Qashqai is a truly global success story.


Nissan are naturally very excited and proud of this news with officials claiming it as an astonishing achievement and clear proof the Qashqai is hitting the spot with buyers. If you add in the very popular first generation model there are now a total of 2.5 million Qashqais on the road in Europe alone. This level of domination would, and does, put Nissan firmly at the top of the SUV popularity pile. Naturally there are other ways to look at it and other brands would claim different levels of success but it is hard to deny the strength of the Qashqai, you only need to look on our roads during a drive to work and you will see how popular the car is.

To celebrate the half a million production mark Nissan will be attending an event n London this week which is hosted by the highly influential Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). This event is geared around celebrating and highlighting the importance of the UK motoring industry ahead of the 66th Frankfurt motor show coming up this month.