Nissan Release Mysterious Image of New Z Crossover.

It was not too long ago that rumours of the next Z car were being banded around and claims that rather than another pure sports car Nissan were going to launch a sporty Z crossover. These rumours now seem to have come true as Nissan release a single image of the new Z model ahead of it’s launch this month in Frankfurt.

Z is the Letter

The Z models have, without doubt, always been sports coupés. There has never been anything other than sleek rear wheel drive affordable sporting performance in the range and it has been going for more than two decades. Now, however, it seems is the time when Nissan finally move the focus of this iconic sub brand. The outgoing 370Z will officially be the highest number the model goes too and may well also be the last of the original coupé style cars Nissan will make under that name.

Very Little Info

Nissan is being almost completely tight lipped about the new car, apart from one single image. There have been some early hints from some months ago about the possibility of the brand moving the Z name into something different and the popularity of the crossover market was cited as a reason but this close to a launch is normally the time when the flood gates open and all the gossip pours out.  Sadly this time Nissan have very much closed ranks and are just letting the motoring press come up with their own ideas which, so far, are very few and far between.

The Image

All the world is getting is an image with a red car and a black bonnet. The bonnet is a clear nod to a 240Z rally car Nissan had a great deal of success with in 1971 in the East African Safari Rally. This association with an all terrain beast like the heavily modified 240Z would certainly work with the launch of a fast crossover model. The slung back headlights keep the very mean and aggressive look of the 370Z but you can clearly see the high wheel arches of an SUV style vehicle there. In terms of the press there is no doubt at all of the nature of the new Z car and they are nearly always right.

The Car

The 370Z will be phased out in 2017 so it is expected this car will be ready for launch as the old one makes it’s exit if not before. So you can expect to see much more solid dates, information and specs in the coming months as we move towards 2016. It will then, as usual, take sometime for the cars to be built and for the promotion machine to do its work but you may even be able to order one by late next year…there is no doubt it will look good if this one photo is anything to go by.