New Ford Survey Shows Young People are Planning on Buying a lot of SUVs

A new survey by Ford carried out across Europe suggests that young people have their heart’s set on buying lots more SUVs like the Kuga in the very near future, the age range seem to strongly identify with the segment and show no signs of slowing down.


Millennials is a term given to 17-34 years olds, this age group are essentially reaching prime car buying age from first cars to the age where careers start paying off and buying family cars some into play. The survey found that this group more than any other feel the SUV is for them. This already highly popular market may well be about to see another surge if this research is correct. The results showed that this age group said they felt SUVs made them feel powerful when driving and that they are the cars they want to be seen in. Some of this may have something to do with the clear move some years ago by footballers and celebs into Range Rovers and other luxury SUVs when once it would have been luxury saloons and sports cars. The SUV is certainly far more of a fashion statement for some younger buyers than a utility vehicle.


Although for some it’s about the look the survey also showed that many of the millennials also thought the SUV fitted in with their active lifestyles better than any other type of car. For many people in this age group work is likely to be important and as a result so is play. The amount of people engaging in sports, fitness, cycling and more is increasing yearly and the SUV certainly offers plenty of room and flexibility to support these activities.

What Does This Mean?

This information makes two really important points from a manufacturers points of view. The first is that the SUV market is only going one way and that is up, more and more people are going to be buying in this segment and this means the brands are going to have to keep producing new variations and models and keep the public interested. This is likely to lead to lots of crossover type cars and different combinations of designs while all the time maintaining a clear SUV feel.

The second point this raises is that, against what many people think, young people actually do care about cars and the car they are likely to own. It has been said recently that young people are becoming less and less interested in new cars or even owning a car at all.This survey clearly shows there is a keen interest as nearly 50% actively chose to state the SUV was their preferred choice, if they didn’t care they would not have selected a segment at all.

For the buying public both in and outside of this age range this can only be good news. More choice, more models in a popular segment and more driving pleasure as a result. Although this was Ford research it will not only efffect Ford cars, it is public information and the other makers will be taking note too.