More F-Pace Video and Images Launched

Once again the launch of the now world famous Jaguar F-Pace has been hyped a little more with further teaser information released by Jaguar ahead of the official launch this month at the Frankfurt motor show. This car has surely had one of the most well orchestrated launches of all time with spy shots, leaked images, cryptic videos adverts and more. Well now Jaguar have released the first full and proper video and images of the car and the motoring world is awash with excitement.


Anyone who follows the motoring world will no doubt be aware that Jaguar are launching their first SUV in a matter a weeks. This departure from luxury saloons and sporty sleek GT cars is a very important one and Jaguar’s design director Ian Callum knows exactly why he is doing it. The SUV market is massive, the surge in popularity for what was once just a work vehicle has been nothing short of phenomenal, people like the extra ride height, the feeling and reality of the saftey features and structures, the size and many people also like the all terrain capabilities too. Every brand worth its salt has produced an SUV, or four, to cater for the different demands of their customers and Jaguar knew it could not stand by and ignore all this.

The F-Pace

When it came to making an SUV Jaguar had a lot more to consider than other manufacturers. As a brand of some distinction they had to make sure they stayed within the realms of what people expected from the Jaguar badge while at the same time breaking out of the saloon/GT mould to create something totally new; not an easy task. The F-Pace is actually described as a performance crossover rather than an SUV by Jaguar and that is there to make a clear distinction from other makes. The F-Pace was first shown as a concept under a different name as far back as 2012 and over the subsequent 3 years it has been teased, eluded too and actually shown off under minimal disguise all to work people up to the idea of a launch. All this effort has clearly worked, as you will notice if you read the motoring press, there is not one mention of Jaguar launching an SUV as being odd, every single article is positive and bubbling with excitement. This is partly down to the well planned launch but also because the car itself is stunning, it carries with it some amazing power units and options from what we know so far but in a world of first impressions the design is critical and Ian Callum has done it again.

When Can You By One?

The queue will be a long one but being an early owner of a F-Pace will certainly be worth the wait. The car is suggested to be on sale early next year with starting prices of around £30,000, there will be a raft of different trim options and engines choices as time goes by and a good range available at launch too.