A New Website Can Help You Appeal Parking Fines Within Minutes

No one likes getting a parking ticket, but what really makes people mad is getting one they don’t deserve. A new website has been launched to help people appeal on line instantly after getting a ticket and the success rate is looking good.

The Site

The site itself has only been live a matter of weeks and was the brain child of an 18 year old man called Joshua Browder. The idea is simple, and not wholly unique, however this service is free and as such becomes the only one of its kind. The website will help you generate a customised appeal letter to the council you have been fined by, it offers multiple reasons for appealing and you simply choose which one suits your situation. The whole idea has been launched with the help of legal professionals so the letters are perfectly written and laid out to achieve maximum results. Reasons to appeal can include missing or damaged signs and parking areas and even accidental payment on the wrong date. The site itself also uses Google Street View to help support issues too so it not only has the right legal footing it also embraces the latest technology.

Deserved Or Undeserved?

The site may offer you a great way to avoid unwanted parking fines but it should only be used if you were wrongly given one in the first place. The idea that this site becomes somewhere people go to “get out” of a fine when they know they are in the wrong could well ruin it for other people. If the parking restrictions are clear and you ignore them there is another far easier way to avoid a fine…don’t park there. That being said there has long been a feeling that “fine first and think later” was the unwritten rule of most councils and road users have really had enough. There are not many people that park in towns that haven’t, at some stage, been the victim of an incorrect ticket. The problem is, a lot of people don’t know how to appeal, perhaps they are too busy or perhaps they just assume the council must be right.


Websites like donotpay.co.uk may well be important, they will show councils that incorrect parking fines are not acceptable and road users have had enough. As long as the site and others like it are used for the right reasons they could actually bring about a change.

You should always triple check the parking restrictions wherever you park, it is easy to get them wrong and don’t always assume they will be the same as they were last time you parked there, they can change overnight.