New Nissan Juke Will Continue to be Built in The UK

Nissan have confirmed the next generation Juke model will be built at the brand’s Sunderland plant, it will secure jobs and investment for the UK economy as well as pushing on with this super successful crossover.

The Juke

The Nissan Juke has been a very successful car for the brand. When it launched in 2010 it’s unique and quirky looks were certainly a bold move but the positive reviews and sales figures soon showed Nissan were on the right track with the whole package. Since it’s launch there has been some extra versions added like the sporty Nismo model and the latest and super quick Juke-R. The Juke consistently makes it into the top ten best selling cars lists in the UK, and also sells very well right across Europe.

The Next Generation

The next gen Juke will not appear until well 2016 so information about what it may offer and even look like is incredibly thin on the ground. It is a fair bet it will keep the overall look but may well come with a wider range of engines and possibly body shapes. The current model has been around since 2010 and due to its massive success has needed very little in the way of updates. But Nissan feel the time has come to begin the process of creating the next version with strong hopes it will match the stellar performance of the current model.


By confirming the new Juke will be made in Sunderland the brand have secured some 34,000 jobs in the UK and showed substantial and continued investment in this prominent British factory. This kind of UK investment is great for the people involved but also for the wider economy, Britain has proved it is capable of maintaining and providing expertly made products on a global stage. It is also a great testament to Nissan’s continued commitment to the UK market as the current model has always been built in the UK. Buyers will be keen to see the new version but will also be pleased their purchase of a Juke, as it always has been, has an effect on the British economy as well as it’s people.

Whilst you should look forward to the new Juke, the current model is still an amazing car, and if you are looking for a super reliable, genuinely unique car you really need look no further than the mighty Juke.