The New Fiat 500 Performs on Stage to Celebrate Being Remastered

To celebrate the new remastered and reloaded fiat 500 model the car found itself on stage with British singer-songwriter Ella Eyre and a giant vinyl record performing a remastered classic of it’s own.

The Gig

The stage was set in London’s Potters Fields Park to launch the brand new version of the Fiat 500. A star studded audience came along to watch Ella Eyre perform a brand new version of the classic song “Best Of My Love” by The Emotions. The idea behind it all was to perform a re mastered classic with a remastered classic on stage. So to do this a brand new Fiat 500 shared centre stage with the singer and even played the opening beats of the track. The stage itself was a giant 15 metre vinyl record to complete the classic feel.

The Car

The Fiat 500, when it was first re launched soon become an icon for the second time. It has sold more than 1.5 million units which is a seriously impressive feat. However, according to Fiat, it is time for that model to make way for a re mastered version that embraces all the new technology that has come along since it was first launched. The new car will be ready for a new generation of owners by having more technology, refreshed styling, better economy figures and more customisable options too. Although the new model strictly maintains the feel and look of the outgoing 500 there have been more than 1800 modifications to the design and buyers will be very interested to see what has been done.

Embrace and Evolve

Sebastiano Fedrigo, Head of Brand, Fiat UK said  “You don’t replace an icon – you embrace it and evolve it. The new Fiat 500 has been truly re-mastered and reloaded and what better way to mark the launch with an impressive and memorable event like last night’s? We are very excited to have worked with such a talented performer and to finally see the new Fiat 500 and Ella Eyre perform together.” This really exemplifies how the first re launch of the 500 was done too, the car maintained the look and cool feel of the 60s classic but was perfectly suited to modern driving. The new Fiat 500 is set to do the same, keeping a super popular car essentially the same but making it ready for a whole new raft of buyers and probably a large number of owners of the previous model too.