How Motor Racing Influences Your Car

Motor racing can seem a rather rarefied atmosphere and something that has very little real world influence. For a lot of people high revving racing cars have absolutely no relation to road cars but these people are missing the fact that racing technology helps to shape road cars every year and without it we would be much further behind with technology.

Formula 1

F1 is the pinnacle of motor sport, the technology and money involved is mind boggling and the performance figures the cars produce are even more so. But how does this multi million pound  world play a role in day to day motoring for us all? Well it may seem like a million miles away but its not, for years the aerodynamic testing on F1 cars has been fed down to road cars built by the manufacturer teams. But it is also things like safety technology, and design techniques themselves. Over the last few years F1 cars have been using a hybrid system to produce power. The reason this was brought it was clearly to make sure people new F1 was forward thinking and environmentally concious but it was also used to help develop hybrid technology to use in road cars.

The hybrid engines in new cars will include factors that have originated from F1 and also other forms of racing, of course this happens to various extents. Hyper cars like the La Ferrari are using the actual technology from F1 cars but naturally these cars are a little out of the price range of most people. This years Le Mans 24 hour race saw Nissan field a super cutting edge car and there is no doubt the tech on-board will be seen in Nissan cars very soon.

Formula E

This is a new and exciting racing series where the cars are 100% electric and it is clearly a massive test bed for EV technology. One of the latest things to come out of Formula E is the work on wireless charging, this technology would have a profound effect on how EVs are viewed, used and bought in the future. By not only creating the technology but also pushing how effective it is the wireless charging research coming out of Formula E could be seen very soon in road cars.

Of course rally cars are also using cutting edge technology and manufacturers involved in the world rally championships are also bringing it into the main stream. Of course, no matter how useful motor sport is, some people just don’t like it, but hopefully they can at least see how useful it is.