What Makes a Beautiful Car

There are many cars people would consider beautiful, they are often classics but also newer models,they are not always supercars and can quite often be somewhat unusual. But what is it that makes one person see a car as beautiful and another see it as just a car?


OK so in the most part what makes a car beautiful is the design. It is the curves and the way the car looks that really turns heads but even this is not completely cut and dried. When you look at a supercar it is quite clear it has been designed to look amazing, low roof line, big wheels, huge curving wheel arches and all the rest of the traits that make a £200,000 car look like what it is. But design also plays a major part in making more day to day car beautiful, it may not appear in quite such extreme ways but there are some very pretty cars on the road that can be bought for less that £40,000.

Form is critical to beauty but it is not only extreme form that can be beautiful, in many cases it is one part of a design that really sets things off. Kia, for example have been working very hard to put design very high on their list of things to be known for and their trade mark “tiger grille” is certainly a beautiful addition to each one of their cars.

The Mazda MX5 has never been a supercar but has always been a very pretty one. It is beautiful because of its simple and classic sports car lines, it is the kind of car you see on the driveway from your window and take a minute to stare at it. This goes for all the different versions of the car but especially so for the newest model.


Although the looks that stem from the more arty end of the designers pen are important when creating a beautiful car it is import to remember to consider function. A car that is designed with function in mind and that achieves and exceeds this function is also beautiful by default. Consider the original Land Rover, essentially a square box but what a box! The Land Rover was literally the best off road car in the world and because of its brilliance in that field it was and still is a beautiful car. This can also be said for cars like the Ford Fiesta, what did ford set out to do with the latest model? Create a good looking, flexible and affordable small car. They certainly achieved this and more, the Fiesta is a stunning looking car but its beauty also comes from how well it does its job.

Many of the SUVs on sale today like the Nissan X-Trail also fit into this category, they fulfil their role so well they are beautiful in doing so. Whether cars would be so good looking if they were terrible is highly unlikely and so perhaps it falls to function more than form when defining beauty, but it just so happens supercars are also quite good at their job so it makes it rather hard to tell.