Tuned Jaguar XJ-C From The Avengers TV Shows Goes On Sale

The New Avengers was a 1970s TV hit, with stars like the wonderful Joanna Lumley and the always cool Patrick Macnee made this updated version of the 1960s hit show even better. But there was another star in the show that may not have got quite the attention Ms Lumleys legs did, and that was a 1976 Jaguar XJ-C 12. This TV and Motoring Legend is now for sale and it’s cheaper than you might think.

Steed’s Steed

John Steed was played by Patrick Macnee in the TV show and to say the character was smooth is like saying the finest silks in the world are a bit itchy. The man was so cool it was almost painful to see how rough even the most refined co-stars looked. This man had to have a serious car to back up his Svaill Row suits and bowler hats and what else could they have chosen than a Jaguar. There is surely no other car maker in the world that can make cool cars like Jag, Aston Martin are certainly a close second but the it’s the Big Cat people turn too when things need to be sub zero.

Special Edition

As you may imagine Steed’s car couldn’t be just any old run of the mill XJ, no, it had to be something extra special so the the producers settled on a rare XJ-C V12 with a special Broadspeed body kit fitted. It was actually only the 8th of its kind ever made and was always intended as a very limited edition. It boasts a serious wide look, special tyres, a 5.3 litre dry sump V12 and all the usual trimmings you would expect from a vintage Jag, leather, leather and more leather with a hint of walnut thrown in.

Classic Jaguars

There is just something about Jaguars both old and new; there is always an element of refined brutality about them, especially in the more powerful models. You sit in comfrot and luxury, but you get the feeling that when you foot goes down the car will keep going and going and you will lift your foot long before the car runs out of steam. This can be said for the classic jags of the 60s and 70s through to the 80s XJS and XJs and can still be said today with cars like the monumental XFS-R. Jaguar just know how to make cars good, make them luxurious and make them fast too.

It Could Be Yours

The car in question has been in dry storage for some years now and is in need of restoration but is estimated to sell for just £10-12,000. With the classic car market at an all time high this could make a very serious investment opportunity for someone who is able to restore the car. The auction may well end up reaching a much higher figure but whatever price it goes for, someone will be a very happy owner of a very special Jaguar,