What’s The Next Classic To Relaunch?

Let’s face it, the buying public love a new look to an old classic. It all started with Volkswagen launching the “new” Beetle back in 1997, then BMW did the same thing with the Mini, it wasn’t long before Fiat joined in with the 500 but what’s next?

Classic Success

The Fiat 500, the VW Beetle and the new Mini have all sold in their tens of thousands. Both the Mini and the 500 have gone on to be launched in many different guises from bigger family versions, SUVs and hot sports versions, and every time one is launched it goes on selling by the shed load.

There are other cars you may not be aware are re made classics, the Nissan 370z for example. The original Datsun Z cars were popular in the 70s and 80s and were rather subtly relaunched as the 350 and 370Z both cars gaining critical and driver acclaim globally. Let us not forget the mighty Nissan GTR, this is based on the Nissan Skyline GTR from the 80s and 90s and it has now become one of the most highly regarded cars on the planet. But it is the quirky classics that seem to sell in the really big numbers, and you can almost imagine the board room debates that go on about what each brand should try and launch to join in the fun.


If you sit a think for a while you too will start coming up with ideas for re branding a classic and launching it to millions of buyers waiting for the next cool re-make.

How about re making the magnificent Ford Capri? This classic GT for the European market could be turned into a fierce competitor for cars like the Toyota GT86. With range of brilliant EcoBoost engines a new Capri could make for quite a car.

With a new potential revived classic on the cards Citroen are unlikely to want to do another one but surely they must have considered launching a new 2CV. This iconic French car could take the world by storm. They could even use it as a car to launch a hyper efficient 2 cylinder turbo engine to mimic the original ground breaking power unit (which sadly didn’t have a turbo).

Although a later car perhaps Peugeot could look into a re launch of the Golf GTi beating 205 GTi. Of course there is currently a hot 208 but there would be something magical about bringing back a retro looking hot hatch that took the world by storm the first time around.

Fingers Crossed

The odds are, all of these ideas are already on the table, and may well have already been designed in the drawing rooms of these brands, but let’s hope they soon see the light of day, If the great re makes we have seen so far are anything to go by they would be fun, reliable, great value and somewhat better than the originals.