Nissan Sporty SUV Concept Launch in Frankfurt

Rumours are flying around about what Nissan might do next with their famous “Z” brand. Traditionally a sports car, there are some clear indications that the Japanese giant might push it into the sports crossover segment which would be a bold move.

Z is Not Dead

The amazing Nissan 370z will be phased out in 2017 and as creating a car takes such a long time everyone in the industry is starting to try and push Nissan officials to say what they have planned next, the assumption being; they must have something planned by now. The original 240z was launched back in 1969 and ever since then the Z has been subtly becoming an attainable sports car legend. The Z cars have never been about costing the earth or out running Ferraris but they have provided real people with real sports performance and, as always, impeccable Japanese reliability.

The Future

It seems Nissan officials have been quoted as saying they are not going to take the Z number any higher. This is in reference to each iteration carrying a higher number, 370, apparently, is high enough. There seem to be other considerations too, and these are more commercial. It is clear the crossover market is a massive one and the small sports car one is somewhat smaller. It stands to reason the brand would look to launch cars into the more lucrative market. There was talk about the next Z being a super powerful road monster but that spot is firmly filled with Godzilla itself; the GTR, and it would be silly to try and compete with what is now such a legend.


If Nissan do go for the crossover market there is one big question that should be addressed and that is the Nissan Juke. The Juke is a quirky crossover SUV with massive appeal, however, it was aimed at a young market yet sells most to people around the age of 40. This means although massively successful the Juke has not cornered the part of the market Nissan aimed for. This may well be why there is a leaning towards trying to fill this gap with a sporty crossover for the younger market.

Looking Good

All debate at this stage, is just that; debate. But the motoring experts are suggesting the new Z will have sweeping lines and a low look. There will be a small coupe crossover, like a mini BMW X6 but more fun. With some small but powerful turbo charged engine choices to add in Nissan could really be onto something. It is going to be very interesting to see any concept that comes out, there might even be one lunched next month in Frankfurt. People are expecting to see an almost 2 seater style car that rides higher like the Juke, this will be coupled with some seriously sporty seats, engines choices and body trim.

There is so much potential and so little information you will just have to wait and see what comes out but whatever it is, it will be exciting and it will be pretty fast too.