Mazda Celebrates 10 Years Of Digital Servicing

Mazda have always been a brand that looked forward and that has embraced technology and not just in their cars, they are now celebrating 10 years of using digital technology in their servicing too.

The Analogue Way

The normal way of recording when a car has been serviced is by using the good old fashioned service book. The book stays with a car and hopefully shows regular servicing at a authorised service centres across its life. The book is a record of not only the services that have been done but it also shows the mileage points at which a service should be done, this means the service centre can simply stamp the book when each one is completed and the owner knows the car is being correctly maintained. Keeping this book up to date is critical if you want to keep the used price of the car in good shape as well as the car itself. If the book gets lost then sadly so does the record of the work done, unless you have had the all the work done at one service centre, in that case they may be able to help you as they will keep a record themselves.

A New Way?

There is nothing wrong with the standard way of doing things but that doesn’t mean it is the only way it should ever be done, Mazda have now been organising all their cars servicing digitally for 10 years. The Digital Service Record, or DSR, was first launched for a small number of models in 2005 including the MX5 and the Mazda 5 but it only took 6 months before it was rolled out across the range. Since then over 400,000 cars have been added to the system, over 1 million services have been recorded, 710,000 service reminders sent and over 300,000 missed service reminders sent. These figures show just how big the DSR programme is and how useful it can be.

More Good News

As well as the obvious advantages of not having to keep a paper service book and the ease of using a digital system for servicing the DSR also helps keep used prices high. Because there is always a fully authorised service record available from Mazda a used car buyer can get it at any time and make sure the car is as it should be. On a darker note, the thankfully rare practice of mileage fraud is also impossible using the DSR because Mazda make sure no one can “doctor” the numbers.

Appy Owners

In the more recent world of smart phones and apps Mazda have integrated the DSR with a Mazda App. This app allows owners to access their service record, see what has been done and when and at the same time offers the owner the ability to get roadside assistance, find their nearest dealership and more. Once again, Mazda show they are a forward thinking brand when it comes to technology, but they are also at the cutting edge of car design too.

Of course, Mazda are now not alone in using this kind of system but the brand deserves credit for being a forerunner in the use of digital technology and making it work well for 10 years, no doubt it will carry on working well until they come up with a even better idea in another 10 years time.