Ford Helps Young Drivers Be Safer

Ford is a brand that offers cars for most types of people but one of it’s most successful cars has and will always be the Fiesta. This little legend is a very popular choice for young drivers as is the Ka model so Ford, like many car makers care a great deal about young driver safety. This year Ford are offering young people a chance to take part in a new driving skills scheme at the London Excel in November.

A Safe Partnership

Ford are running their driving skills programme called Driving Skills For Life for the third year in a row. The aim is to provide hands on experience for young drivers and show them not only the skills to deal with hazards on the road but also the dangers of inappropriate driving habits like drink driving and using a mobile phone at the wheel.

To support this programme Ford have teamed up with not one but 3 driving charities and organisations. These are BRAKE, AA Drive Tech and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), with all this support and the might of Ford itself this programme is set for another successful year.

Driving Down Death Rates

It is a very sad fact that car accidents are one of the most common causes of death in young people. It is also a very worrying fact that a high number of people in the same age group have also claimed they to have taken a selfie at the wheel and have either driven drunk or seen friends do it. Ford is aiming once again to help address these stats but it is not just irresponsible driving they are taking on, Ford are trying to equip young drivers with the ability to control a car during heavy braking or a skid, be aware of hazards further down the road and generally be better prepared for the things that can happen when driving.

Get With The Programme

To sign up for the DSFL programme you can head to London’s Excel from the 20th to the 22nd of November. It is free to anyone between the ages of 18-24 but spaces are likely to be limited and very popular. All of this is well timed ahead of road safety week which runs from the 23rd to the 27th of November. The Ex-Stig Ben Collins is once again involved in the programme and he has been quoted as saying  “The Ford DSFL programme is awesome. Those first few years on the road are extremely formative so it’s a great time to soak up more information. Ford’s training has lots of fun activities around driving better and more safely. It’s vital stuff that could significantly reduce your chances of crashing, so it’s well worth doing.” If it is good enough for the Stig, it is certainly worth signing up if you can.