A Whole F-Pace Family is On The Way

The launch of the Jaguar F-Pace is certainly a hotly anticipated one but it seems there is more good news on the horizon, an entire family of premium SUVs are to be launched under the F-Pace brand and they could include a mini SUV too.

The F-Pace

The F-Pace is the first time Jaguar has tried to move into the explosively popular SUV market, the brand always wanted to wait until they had the right car, one that maintained the feeling of performance Jaguar keep throughout their range. Even using the term “pace” in the name shows the clear intention that the F-Pace will perform well. But it is not just performance Jaguar wanted with this car, it was also good looks, the F-Pace is not just an SUV it is a good looking, stylish and sleek SUV. Another key attribute for the F-Pace was an emphasis on the word premium, Jaguar might be well known for performance but they are also well know for luxury and the F-Pace had to fit that criteria too.

F-Pace Family

Looking at the SUV market it comes as no surprise that Jaguar would be looking to launch a range of SUVs, the other SUV markets are just as fierce, and profitable, as the market for larger SUVs. It is expected that Jaguar will be building up a full family of cars under the “Pace” brand name, keeping a firm eye on performance as well as what the consumers want. Jaguar are even going to make a mini SUV to rival the very successful Mini Countryman crossover  and the Audi Q1.

To keep with the performance theme it is highly likely that there will be some coupe versions of the cars set for launch, these will rival the BMW X6 and the Mercedes GLE Coupe which are both proving popular. With sweeping lines and Jaguar engines these are certainly going to be a very tempting offering to anyone looking at an SUV with sporty looks, if Jaguar launch coupe’s throughout the range including the mini versions they could well be very popular indeed.

One version that is not going to happen is a larger 7 seater Pace, initially rumoured to be on the cards, Jaguar have essentially said anything that doesn’t fit in the styling and performance remit will not be made and it was deemed something this large would compromise the “Pace” brand by being too big.


Jaguar just keep getting it right at the moment, the stunning F-Type, the very well received XE and the mighty XF all showing Jaguar really are at the top of their game. The F-Pace is a bold move but one that needed to happen to keep the brand going at full speed, the news that there will be more Paces on the way is great for the brand and even better for the buying public.