Seat Launch Technology Focus Leon

The Seat Leon is the brands’ most popular car for company car users and it is just about to get even more appeal with the launch of two brand new technology trim packs that are designed to be kind on the wallet as well as the driver.


The company car market, or the “fleet” market as it is known is not just of interest to business users, what is popular for working folk doing 1000’s of miles a year is highly likely to be popular for everyday drivers too.

One of the most important factors in a fleet car is comfort, with the sort of mileage many business drivers do a car needs to be a nice place to be. But comfort is not as simple as just having a nice seat, things like engine noise, fuel efficiency and technology all play a major role in making a car good for high miles.

SE Technology Business

The Leon certainly has a good interior so in terms of sitting comfortably it has that side of things covered and it has always offered good in car entertainment specs. However, with the two new trim packs that Seat are now launching things are going to get even better. The Convenience Pack is the first option on the table and it includes automatic headlights, rain sensing wipers, and an auto dimming rear view mirror. The second pack is called the Technology Pack and this also includes LED headlights, DAB radio, Sat Nav, parking sensors and adaptive cruise control.

The Reality

These new trim options really make a good car even better but it is only when you consider the situations each bit of tech will be useful in do you see why. When you drive a lot of miles anything that is automatic is helpful, headlights, dimming rear view mirrors, wipers… they all make for a nicer driving experience and mean you don’t need to think about these things when driving. LED headlights mean better night vision and that means less effort to see and hopefully a less tiring driving experience. Sat Nav is a gift for most drivers but when you are always driving to new business meetings and places you have never been too it is essential. DAB radio offers an enormous range of entertainment, and for long runs it makes a boring journey so much better and this too can help keep the driver fresh and alert. Even things like parking sensors just make life that bit easier and if you have been driving around the country all week, every little helps.

Yes, the SE Technology Business will appeal to fleet buyers and drivers, but if you do a lot of miles, or you just like your creature comforts then it should be a strong consideration for you too, even if you are not a fleet driver.