New Range Rover Sport Spotted

Heavily disguised and camouflaged, a possible new Range Rover Sport design has been spotted testing at the Nurburgring.

One Direction

In terms of design Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) have been quite clear about the design direction of all future models. Since the Land Rover Discovery Vision concept was shown off at the 2014 Bejing motor show the look and feel has been the same from concept to road car. The Discovery Sport was the first real car to hit the roads and it seems the new Range Rover Sport will very much follow in it’s footsteps.

New Look

At this early stage it is very hard to gain a true view of what it will look like but it is being called a “facelift” model. The term facelift generally refers to a new look but not a new car, this means engines, gearboxes and most of the core of the car will be the same but the trim levels, and external styling will change. Of course, there are some facelift models that come out with one of even two extra engines choices and all sorts of other upgrades but essentially they are still the same basic car as before, and this is a good thing if the car was a good one. The spy shots suggest a bigger front grille, very much like the Vision concept but with another air intake.

Other Changes

It is far too early to really know what JLR have planned for this car but it is expected the engine range will be carried over from the current model along with some efficiency work. Often when a car has been out for 2 or 3 years it gives the brand time to work on improvements but keep all the great aspects of the engine. The new Range Rover Sport will have tried and tested engines but with all the added knowledge and research to make them even better. Some new infotainment touches are expected too including the new InControl system. Prices are a long way off but a small price increase may be seen inline with all the new toys and improved engines.

Spy shots and test cars always cause a stir, often they take years to turn into a real car and the rumours about engines and trim are often a little out. Range Rover declined to comment on the test shots so the motoring press will just have to wait for some more information. At this stage the new Range Rover Sport could be a way off but it certainly looks good, but then, when did a Range Rover look bad?