Owners Clubs Offer More Than You Think

Owners clubs may conjure up images of ultra nerdy people all sitting in a pub car park talking about their old classics or perhaps very niche models, clubs that are not really of much appeal to everyday drivers. However, these days owners clubs can be not only a great resource for information but also for meeting a whole range of people and not just geeky ones.

What Is An Owners Club?

Owners clubs are groups of people who all have the same model of car, these can be loose associations but generally these days they have membership fees, club magazines, websites and forums and even stands at big motoring events like Goodwood. Perhaps many years ago these clubs were a little specialised but since the arrival of the internet and the ability to host online forums, owners clubs have become far more open and always have an amazing mix of people form all different backgrounds and age groups.

The Advantages

The first big advantage of joining an owners club is the information available. There is almost no where else on earth where you will find the level of expertise and passion for a particular model of car. Even some dealership mechanics would admit the owners club folk may know a little more about the car’s history if not the technical elements too. By simply joining up and going on the forum of a club you can find out so much about common faults, tyre pressures, favoured oil brands, odd noises, easy fixes and tips on buying and selling. If you have a question about your car, someone will be able to answer you and normally very quickly.

Other advantages can range from simply having some fun chatting in forums about your beloved car to actually going along to a group meet and making some friends. Because of the accessibility of the internet these clubs have so many different members these days the meetings are normally very light hearted and welcoming affairs. The MX5 owners club is especially known for being open to all, with meets held at restaurants and even done over a number of days with country drives and hotels thrown in. The owners can range from younger men and women to older couples and even families for bigger car clubs.

You may even find you start getting discounts on insurance and other things, a number of large insurers now offer 10% discounts to official owners club members and various online stores do the same. You will even find discounted tickets to motoring events are common place for members. Another big advantage is that an “owners club car” will be worth slightly more on the used car market, not everyone will take note of it but it shows you have cared for your car and that helps a lot.

There is an owners club for pretty much every make and model you can think of, naturally they vary in size depending on how popular the car is but there will be one for your car and they are worth joining, for the information, the people and the discounts. Don’t be afraid to hunt down the one for your car and say hello online, you will be surprised at how nice everyone is and how much you learn. Naturally it is always safe to confirm any information you find out about your car with your local service center and best to get them to do it, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that you will have learned about your car and that can only be a good thing.