The Best Selling Cars of 2015 So Far

The SMMT or Society of Motoring Manufacturers and Traders have recently released some data showing the most popular cars on sale in the UK so far this year. The stats show an increase in new car sales compared to July 2014 and 41 months of consecutive growth in new car sales. This shows not only is the economy picking up but the dealerships and manufacturers are putting some amazing deals in front of people and making buying a new car even easier.

Number 10

In at number 10 is the ever popular and oh so stylish Fiat 500. This amazing recreation of an old classic just keeps getting better and better. There are so many versions coming out that there is one for everyone, but it is the standard 500 that is making the headlines in terms of sales this year and for good reason.

Number 9

The Mercedes C-Class is good but it is not be the cheapest, or the cheapest to run in its class. It remains popular as much for the badge as anything else, but it continues to sell well against impressive competition from other brands

Number 8

At number 8 sits the Audi A3. This simple and flexible German hatchback is pricey but popular. The A3 will always have potential buyers but as Vauxhall and Kia push to higher levels of trim quality and performance it may not always have the top step in its class.

Number 7

The Volkswagen Polo comes in at number 7. Becoming ever more affordable the VW Polo is selling well, there is a major rival that it simply can’t beat in terms of fun and good looks but the VW badge still carries a lot of weight with some buyers.

Number 6

The ever popular and always present Vauxhall Astra sits comfortably at number 6. This family hatchback has been a popular cars for many years throughout it’s different versions. It may not set the world on fire but it certainly keeps millions of drivers very warm! With the new model launching at the Frankfurt motorshow Vauxhall are sure to keep up the big sales.

Number 5

At number 5 sits the Nissan Qashqai. A great family car, quoted as being as comfortable to drive as a VW Golf but with all the room and practicality of a larger SUV. It is not only a great car but it holds its value in the used car market so well that buying a new one makes a great deal of sense and this message has clearly got through to the buying public.

Number 4

Certainly not a surprise; the VW Golf comes in a number 4. The Golf is a household name and will be for many years to come, it was literally one of the first really good hatchbacks and continues to impress buyers.

Number 3

As we move into the top three we see another modern classic, the Ford Focus. Somehow the Focus has always managed to combine family duties with being a fun car to drive and it is this combination that brings buyers to the showrooms year after year. What more could a family want than a car that will safely take everyone where they need to go but will also come alive on the solo runs in the country?

Number 2

In a fierce segment the Vauxhall Corsa comes out on top for the small hatchbacks. The Corsa offers so much value for money it just keeps on selling. Fun to drive, good looking, nice interior touches and affordable the Corsa appears to be the choice for new and old drivers alike.

Number 1

This year, so far, the top slot belongs to a car that has been around for sometime in various iterations but the latest has taken it from popular to mega popular. The Ford Fiesta takes the crown as the best selling car in the pole and quite rightly too. This little hatchback really is so much fun to drive, it is engaging, it handles well and with a range of zingy engines it is no slouch either. The ST version is being hailed as one of the best hot hatches of all time and its good looks are visible throughout the range. You can never go wrong with a Ford and you certainly can’t go wrong with a Ford Fiesta…just ask anyone who owns one, and there are a lot of them.