Less Likely to be Let Out Of A Junction Because Your Car Is Dirty!

The colour, type and even cleanliness of your car may affect how people behave towards you on the road according to a recent study by tyre brand Continental. Other factors like being on a mobile phone and even bumper stickers may well cause drivers to be prejudiced against you on the road.

The Study

As part of a study into driver safety and awareness tyre titan Continental wanted to look further into how drivers thought about other cars and drivers on the road. It turns out we either consciously or sub-consciously take the look and state of another car very seriously indeed. With millions of motorists in the UK the idea that some people let these things change how they drive is quite a worry. Over 2000 people were consulted for the report and a third said they let their prejudices about certain cars and their appearance effect how they drive, if this figure is extrapolated to the number of drivers on the road in the UK that is 16 million people.

The Issues

A number of “issues” came out of the study. The main ones were simply related to the type of car people were driving were twice as likely not to let someone out of a junction if they were driving a sports or “flash” car. Other reasons for being mean at junctions were a little more justified including not letting people out because they were clearly using a mobile phone.

It seems 34% of drivers will change how they drive towards another car if they see a bumper sticker supporting a rival football team of supporting a cause they do not agree with. These people cited being more aggressive towards these vehicles and even driving more recklessly because of them . People even said the way they drive could be affected by how clean a car was.

Sometimes the stats did infact lean the other way with around 27% of people saying they would be nicer to a driver who was in the same make and model and they were in. It does seem that no one questioned seems to mind what people think of them with over half of the people saying they expected to be stereotyped and only 1 in 7 people saying it actually effected the type of car they bought.

Just Plain Silly

Behaving in a more reckless way towards someone with a bumper sticker from a rival football team is just plain silly. Being mean to someone who happens to have a nicer car than you is also just playground behaviour. The roads are a dangerous place, everyone should be driving with the mind set that being nice to other drivers means everything is a little bit safer. Next time you see a dirty sports car with a rival team’s sticker on it, just let them out of the junction, they might not be over keen on your choice of car either.