Ford Heads to CarFest South


As part of the 50th birthday celebrations for the mighty Ford Transit the brand is heading to Chris Evans’s CarFest South later this month. As well as a 150 mph van there will be Mustangs and examples of the exciting new MAX range on show too.

The Transit

The fact the Ford are still making the Transit van 50 years after it was first launched will be no surprise to anyone that has ever owned one. The van was a revolution when it was launched and has continued to be one of, if not, the best van on the roads year after year. This year CarFest South will play host to a transit parade which will include a wide range of special and important versions of the van including one that might just be a little faster than the rest of the range. The 1994 Super Van has a 295 bhp turbo charged Cosworth engine in it and is capable of an eye watering 150 mph. This speed might not seem much these days but it is when you consider the size of a van and how hard it is to get something shaped like that to those kind of speeds. There will also be a special version of Ford’s newest Van the Custom Sport, this will be painted gold in celebration of the 50th birthday.

The Parade

To lead the parade out there will be another icon of the same age, the Mustang. Arriving on these shores for the first time as a right hand drive car this iconic muscle car will take point for the Transit convoy which is going to include some amazing version of the famous load lugger. The Ford Transit Owners club will also be there showing off a large number of cherished vans stretching back to the first production models from 1965.

Maxed Out

As well as all the Transit action, Ford also wanted to show off a few members of the new MAX range as well as the new Ford Galaxy. The new C-Max, S-Max and Galaxy range will be on show for people to explore and experience, these new additions are aimed at families of all types and bring a new breadth to the Ford range. Lisa Brankin, Ford Britain marketing director, said:  “Our new ‘MAX’ models and Galaxy are eye-catching family movers, showing off new design and technology features guaranteed to be a big hit with UK families.”

We would, once again like to wish the Transit a very happy birthday!