Used Chevrolet, and Dacia are Proving Very Popular


According the Glass’s, a leading UK motoring guide, both used Chevy’s and Dacia’s are selling like hot cakes on the forecourts of UK dealers, and the new Discovery Sport tops the lot.

Used but Not Abused

It seems that good quality used cars brought from official dealers are still very popular but it is really interesting to see the brands and models that are flying off the “shelves” the fastest.

Top of the list for July in terms of popularity and speed of sale is the new Land Rover Discovery Sport taking on average just 14.6 days to sell. These cars are in high demand and hard to find but when they are found they are snapped up quickly. The reasons are obvious, for many people a new one is just too much money but the used market offers a cheaper way to own one.

Second on the top 5 list is the Dacia Sandero Stepaway. The space this car offers has massive family appeal and it offers big value for money for the budget buyer. The press surrounding Dacia over the last couple of years has also lead to the brand fast becoming a trusted name for those who don’t wish to spend a fortune on a car. The Dacia Duster also makes the list at number five and this is the second month it has done so, this simple and capable SUV is a very popular entry level SUV for families and individuals that want to grab a bit of the action.

Third on the list is the Chevrolet Captiva and the Orlando is in fourth. It is no surprise the Captiva crossover SUV is on the list, with the SUV segment gaining more and more momentum every month, the Chevy is a nice alternative to the more common options out there. The Orlando MPV offers excellent value and space and seems to be a big hit with used car buyers.

Buyers Choice

As the cost of new cars is still a little out of reach for some people the used car market continues to thrive. For others it is not so much the cost but the depreciation of a new car that puts them off. Either way turning to registered dealerships for a good quality used car with a warranty suits people and shows no sign of changing. Dacia offer great value new and even more so in the used market, they are likely to stay in the top 5 month on month for quite a long time to come.