The Mokka is Life Ready


The Vauxhall Mokka is fast becoming a very popular member of the somewhat competitive crossover and mini crossover family, and now to make sure even more people have heard about it Vauxhall have launched a new ad campaign; Life Ready.

The Mokka

OK, so the Mokka is in a serious segment of the motoring market and it is up against some serious rivals but Vauxhall have really pulled something out of the bag here. The car isn’t new but it has been very well received and this campaign is set to boast the growing popularity it is already experiencing. With both diesel and petrol engine options, 2 and 4 wheel drive options and both automatic and manual gearbox options the Mokka really is well placed to suit a lot of different people. This kind of choice really does help set aside any concerns about Vauxhall not being perhaps the most experienced SUV and crossover manufacturer.

Vauxhall really needed to bring a lot to the party too, the Nissan Juke is proving a very popular quirky crossover, but lets not forget about the Renault Capture, as well other options like the Skoda Yeti. The styling of the Mokka and most of the recent Vauxhall cars is certainly taking a turn towards “cool”. The Astra GTC started the trend but the range is fast turning into a very different proposition to what it was 10 years ago.

The Advert

The ad campaign will be launched right across pretty much every media channel you can think of, from YouTube to cinema adverts, TV to Twitter, poster, print and PR, you name it…Vauxhall have paid someone to put the ad on it.

The aim of the advert was to thrust the Mokka very much into the oddness of British life, to show it can cope with all the big and the small things that happen to families everyday. From offering a built in bike rack to pick up wheezing family members on a bike ride to headlights that can turn with the steering wheel to help illuminate a father helping a child with a roadside toilet emergency. The idea is a very good one, a car that can be part of the family is a strong message. It is clear Vauxhall are pushing the family angle but perhaps they are missing a bit of trick with the single “cool” market, or have they all gone and bought a Nissan Juke already?

The Mokka has made a big impact in its segment, the advert campaign will certainly show it is ready for everyday and not so everyday life, and no doubt it will help make the Mokka a household name,