Man Arrested For Keying an Aston Martin

A man in London was has been arrested for dragging his keys across the bonnet of an Aston Martin V8 Vantage and causing criminal damage. This may seem like a reckless isolated incident but owners of highend cars have to face this and a lot more on a daily basis.

Supercar Abuse

Thousands of supercar and sports car owners are exposed to all kinds of abuse from other car drivers and pedestrians too. It has long been a dark secret of life with an expensive car, for whatever reason people feel they not only need to but also have the right to shout and gesture to people who own a nicer car than them. It is not just abuse either, it is very common for people who own high spec cars to have them “keyed” or damaged in some way by passers by. The reason can only be jealousy, and it is so sad that people feel so angry that someone else has a nice car they need to damage it. Supercar owners commonly have to get their paintwork fixed after this kind of damage, and that is an expensive job on even the cheapest car, on a top end car it could be anything up to £10,000 or maybe more.

The Aston Basher

The man in Hackney was actually caught out because the owner of the stunning £100,000 Aston Martin had a dash cam set up. He appears to move his pram, yes he had a child with him, to one side, take out his keys and clearly scratch down the paintwork with them. It is clear the act was completely intentional, the man was pacing in front of the car then gave his child a toy before dragging his keys down the passenger side of the car and right past the dash cam. Unluckily for him his face was perfectly captured on the camera and after a 2 month long search Police have arrested him for criminal damage costing the car owner around £9000.


It is childish in the extreme to see that someone else has something nicer than you and feel the need to break it. For car lovers across the world seeing beautiful cars deliberately scratched and damaged is horrible, to hear about drivers getting shouted at and sworn at is also just terrible. People own nice cars for a million different reasons but 99% of them cherish and love their cars and this must be very upsetting for them. They may not even own the car, they could be delivering it back to the owner, they may be a journalist doing a test drive or they might have hired it for a special treat, but even if they do own it they do not deserve to have it damaged for no reason.

Hopefully this very public arrest will make people think twice before they decide to damage a luxury car just because they don’t own one themselves.