The New Kia Sportage Previewed


Kia have released a series of sketches of the brand new Sportage that will be officially launched next month at the Frankfurt motor show. The brand are aiming to push the Sportage a little higher in the market and take on the likes of the very established Nissan Qashqai and Honda CRV.


Rather than the usual run of spy shots and mysterious images of head lights or bonnets, Kia have simply released some detailed sketches of the new Sportage to show the world what it will look like prior to it’s launch. As always, car drawings are a little out of proportion in the wheel department and the Sportage sketches are no different, but it does show a distinct new look that will go down very well in the ever popular SUV market.

The Bold and the Brave

This will be the fourth generation of the Sportage and it will also be the boldest looking one to date. Following on from the design departures mentioned by the company when discussing the sporty GT concepts the Sportage has an imposing grille with sweeping lines moving up to a contoured rear bumper and lights. It is, without doubt, a good looking car but it remains to be seen what it looks like in the flesh.


Kia have clearly stated they are using higher spec materials for the new interior which once again pushes the Sportage clearly into the path of CRV, a new infotainment system and smoother more refined dashboard makes for quite an appealing mix.


Kia have confirmed there will be one new engine for the Sportage but there is no evidence to suggest what that engine might be, could it be a plug in hybrid. The other options will probably be re-worked units from the current range of petrol and diesel engines. Re-works will probably include some better economy figures and a smoother drive as the engines evolve.

Although some test shots have been seen they were so heavily disguised it was impossible to see any shape at all, these sketches now remove the need for them and everyone can see what will be on offer in a few weeks. The higher end SUV market is a tough one but it looks like Kia has brought it’s A game.