The New Jaguar XF Is The Best In Its Class for Value


The all new Jaguar XF is nearly here, from September you will not only be able to own this high-tec saloon, you will also be happy in the knowledge it will hold its value better than competitors and that it will save you money in other ways too.

The Jaguar XF

In just under a month the all new Jaguar XF will appear in showrooms. This lighter, stiffer, more economical and more technologically advanced XF might well be even better than the last XF and that is saying something. There will still be a wide range of engine options from 163 PS and 180 PS diesel engines to a supercharged V6 power unit. There may even still be room for a V8 according to Jaguar, the aim is to make sure there are enough different engine options to cater for global tastes and not just those of the British buying public. The supercharged 3.0 litre V6 engine will be to top power model for the launch offering a strong and responsive drive for anyone wanting a little more bang for their buck.

Holding It’s Own

What a car is worth when you come to sell it has been an area of much heart ache for owners over the years. The residual value of car is determined by a number of different factors but one of the big ones is how much the car costs to service and maintain. As a car gets older it is natural for some servicing costs to start building up, things do eventually wear out so a car that is cheap to service can hold far larger residual values. Reliability also plays a part and the more reliable a car is the more it holds on to it’s value.

Kwik Car, an industry car valuation company, have predicted the new XF will hold on to 41% of it’s value over 3 years and 60,000 miles. This is a big winner in the premium saloon segment and the XF beats the Mercedes E class by 4% and the Audi A6  and BMW 5 Series by 6%.

As well as holding it’s value better than its competitors it is also five insurance groups cheaper than the BMW, seven better than the  Audi and eight groups better than the Mercedes. In group 25E the XF is will certainly feel a lot cheaper to insure than the others.

The final bit of good news is that Jaguar have lunched a number of service packages that make running this new XF even cheaper. With standard and high mileage plans you are covered no matter how you choose to use your new big cat.

The Best Of The Best

Kiwk Car went on to state that the XF has the lowest total cost of ownership over any other cars in its segment. Over 3 years and 60,000 miles it is over £3000 cheaper than the Audi, over £4000 better than the BMW and a massive £5000 cheaper than the Mercedes E Class. Jaguar have always been a great alternative to the big German saloons, there is nothing quite like saying “I’ll just go and get the Jag”. The great news now is that as well as being an interesting alternative it is also now one offering far better value too.