Bugatti Veyron Successor Might Hit 270 mph!

Bugatti broke the mould when they produced the Veyron, after its launch it became a bedroom wall icon and the benchmark for power and speed across the globe. Now the rumours of it’s successor are becoming very real as Bugatti release a short teaser video and the industry chatter hits fever pitch, could it reach 270 mph with 1500 bhp?

Power and Yet more Power

The Volkswagen owned company have been making cars since the early 1900s although have been through a few quiet periods at various points. The Veyron was a real return to form and brought the brand roaring back into popular culture. Using a W12 engine layout was something very new in modern cars and having a car that could not only reach 255mph but also pushed out around 1000 bhp maid the Veyron very much a “Top Trump” car, nothing else could beat those figures. What happened in the years after perhaps came as a little bit of a shock, the hybrid arrived in the hypercar market, and when it arrived it made the mighty Veyron look a little bit out of date. Cars like La Ferrari, McLaren P1 and the Porsche 918 all had around 900 bhp but with no need for such a massive engine. But the Veyron had been around a few years so Bugatti began work on it’s successor, and that’s when the rumours started.


Word on the automotive press street is that it will be called the Chiron, but what is in a name? It is the stats and the design people care about mostly. Bugatti have now released a teaser video that gives literally nothing away apart from a Jurassic Park style roar at the end. All the video actually proves is that a new car is on the way and there is absolutely no chance at all that is will be slower and less powerful than the Veyron. The roar on the video suggests they are still using the W12 engine but it is highly likely they will also use a hybrid system to give it more power, it seems Bugatti don’t think 1000 bhp is enough and want to chase the eye watering figure of 1500 bhp. To put this into some context the average family car would have around 120 to 140 bhp; the Chiron will be a very powerful car.


The Veyron’s real trump card was its top speed, the figures that went with this record breaking pace were mind blowing. The speed was so great that the tyres were only able to do it once before being changed, and the fuel tank only holds enough for a very short 255 mph run, useful when the tyres would fall apart if it went any longer. The speed was mind blowing and it seems the Chiron is set to increase this goal to a massive 270 mph, a speed which will test design and technology to it’s absolute limit. The physics involved are very serious indeed, getting a car even 5 mph more than 255 is harder than getting a car from 0 to 100, every tiny speed gain at high speed gets harder and harder the faster you go so another 15 mph will be a real challenge.

No one knows what it will look like or what it’s final name will be but it will be fast and it will be very powerful indeed, it will also cost more than £1 million so you might want to start saving.