Bad Driving Could Damage Your Love Life


The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) recently conducted a survey about what turns people off on first dates, the usual things came up but bad driving habits made some surprise entries in the chart so bad driving could well effect your odds of a second date as well as keeping your license.

The Results

All the usual bad habits made the top 4 places in the survey, rudeness, bad personal hygiene, no sense of humour and being self obsessed, but in a number 5 was road rage. This awful habit seems to impress no one, and certainly not the British single folk taking part in the survey. While driving to or from a first date, getting angry at another motorist seems to be a sure fire way to make sure it is the not only the first date but also the last.

Next on the list was texting while driving and talking on a mobile phone while driving. Both of these habits are illegal but they seem to go against dating law too, and quite rightly so. The idea of driving a potential partner for the first time ever and texting while you are driving or using your phone to chat with someone is illegal and dangerous but also just plain rude.

Some more Dating Don’t s

As well as the main “no nos” highlighted in the survey it also seems a dirty car is not a winner either  with 23% of people asked mentioned this as the number 10 biggest first date turn off.. So if you are planning on driving somewhere on your first date it might be worth cleaning up all those crisp packets and give the car a good vacuum. The results all seem quite obvious, you would not invite someone round your house if it was dirty, nor would you consider getting angry and a total stranger likely to woo your potential partner. Driving illegally is not going to impress anyone so it is no surprise mobile phone use makes it onto the list.

The Good News

On the flip side, nearly 11% of people questioned said that good driving was something they were impressed with and just a few less said a good car was important. Naturally politeness, good personal hygiene and a good sense of humour were in the top 3 but you wouldn’t do your chances any harm by driving well and making sure you have a nice car.