Renault Gets The Goodwood Treatment

Goodwood is famous across the motoring world for being a place where the good and the great assemble at various times of the year to share, enjoy and show off some of the most amazing cars in the world. Whether its Pre-War Bentleys or 90s F1 cars the circuit and grounds have seen it all. This month the hallowed tarmac of Goodwood will play host, for only the second time, to a Renault event celebrating all that is Renaultsport and the classic Alpine brand.

Renaultsport and Alpine

Perhaps Renault isn’t quite as synonymous with racing for some people as Ferrari for example, but the brand has actually been involved in motorsport for far longer than many major modern players. In fact, Renault actually won one of the first ever Grand Prix back in 1906, so there is certainly a lot of history there. The Alpine brand began as a separate racing team in the early 1950s and had a great deal of success using Renault engines. Over the years Alpine was brought further and further into the Renault fold by helping them re-work cars for racing and more. Even now the Alpine brand is still important to Renault with the hopeful arrival of the new Renault Alpine sports car.

Renaultsport is the sporting division of Renault itself, it is responsible for all of the French brand’s motorsport activities but also for making some very fast versions of their normal road cars. There is a raft of super light Meganes that are more than capable of taking on a Focus ST and RS, there have been a number of very “hot”Clios over the years too and the Clio V6 is the focus of this year’s event.

The Event

On August the 22nd over 150 fast Renualts and Alpine racers will descend on the West Sussex track in celebration of the racing success and love for not only the brand as a whole but it’s ability to make some very quick cars from its standard model range. There will be Renault 5 GT turbos, Megane Trophys and RSs, maybe a Williams Clio or two and a raft of classic Alpines too, but the focus of this event is on the mighty V6 Clio. There were only ever 2 versions of this mid-engined take on the standard Clio. Hailed as a modern classic the V6 Clio will take centre stage at Goodwood along side all the other classics and modern hot Renaults.

The Event itself is organised by a V6 driver and long time Renault fan, Shaun Williams,who has been organising smaller Renault events for many years. As a keen owners club member this will be his biggest event to date and we certainly wish him luck in celebrating this iconic brand and its racing pedigree.