The Peugeot 2008 is Gripping

As everyone knows, the crossover is fast becoming one the most popular types of car on our roads. The combination of utility, style and safety is just the perfect combination for millions of people globally. It is safe to say the Peugeot 2008 is not the most famous crossover, but since it launch 2 years ago it has steadily been selling in big numbers and now Peugeot are offering some extra treats to September buyers.

The Car

More than 30,000 2008’s have been sold in the last 2 years, and this great little SUV is not stopping any time soon. With the stylish looks that you would expect from Peugeot and all the other trimmings you expect from an SUV the 2008 is certainly a strong rival to the other cars in the segment. Although not offered in 4WD the unique grip control system the brand has developed means the 2008 has more than enough extra grip to out perform most normal cars. This combination of electronic driver aids and special tyres to make for a seriously gripping drive. Being 2WD does also mean the economy figures are excellent in the real world and this has certainly helped build the 2008’s popularity.

The 2008 is aimed at a younger market that may well live in urban areas but like the idea of heading out into the country on the weekends. This is becoming a very big part of the market, it is often based around younger couples that have children and want to take them into the country to explore. This means they need something small enough for the city but capable enough for wet, muddy roads and car parks in the country. This market also expects good interior quality and kit and the 2008 certainly offers you somewhere nice to be during your journey. It actually comes with a choice of eight different interior colour options, these bold hues are really there to bring some fun into the car and they work very well. The wide range of engines also mean the city driver doesn’t feel they are driving round in something that is causing a great deal of pollution. The 2008 comes with a choice between the BlueHDi diesel or the PureTech 3 cylinder petrol engine that won an engine of the year award.

The Offers

For people looking to buy a 2008 this autumn will find there are some great deals on offer. The Urban Cross starts from £16,495 and comes with lots of toys like heated mirrors and rear parking aids, there are also other models from just £13,195 on the road.  If you are looking for something a little different, and want some style with your substance then the 2008 might just be the car for you.