The Mustang Gets A Brand New Airbag, a Knee Airbag

Pappa Mustang has got a brand new bag, an airbag, and it really is a bit of a game changer. As part of 23 patents granted already the knee airbag is a revolution and Ford have shown you can increase safety without impinging on space or comfort.

The Safe Mustang

The new Ford Mustang has certainly been a big deal, with the first ever right hand drive versions being brought to the UK this modern muscle car is now even more accessible. As good as it is, a Mustang is not perhaps the first car you would think of to try out a new piece of safety kit in. But, that is just what Ford have done with their new knee airbag which is, in fact, a world first. The new Mustang actually has 8 airbags as standard and as a result it has been awarded the highest safety standards available in North America so far. It may be 50 years old but Ford keep pushing the Mustang into new areas, it now comes with the V8 you would expect to see in the muscle car but also a smaller V6 EcoBoost engine that not only makes for a very exciting drive but also decent economy figures as well.

The Innovation

Normal passenger airbags are built into the dashboard in front of the passenger, Ford decided to change this around and build their new airbag into the glove box. The idea behind this is that it not only saves weight but increases cabin space and comfort for the passenger. The new airbag weights 65% less than previous options and is completely comparable during a crash situation. The extra weight saved is even claimed to increase fuel economy, what more could you ask for? By using a tiny gas canister behind the glove box the system can inflate in under 20 milliseconds and push the glovebox door out to provide support in the event of a crash. It may seem a like a small thing but the research and technology that has gone into this innovation means that this airbag will spawn many more ideas and many more safety features in the months and years to come.