Chris Evans Sells Off a Few Cars…For a Cool £9 Million


Chris Evans was famous in the 90s for the Big Breakfast and TFI Friday, he then carried on being famous for being a radio DJ and having some nice cars, now he is famous for having one of the biggest classic car collections in the UK… oh and being the new presenter on Top Gear. Chris has recently decided to clear out a few bits and bobs from his car collection at a Bonhams Goodwood Revival Auction and they are worth a fair bit.

The Cars

Chris Evans’ little clear out is likely to generate around £9 million pounds, the cars he is choosing to sell are likely to be a centre piece for other collectors,  so the mind boggles as to what Chris actually wants to keep. The list of cars going under the hammer is long but it includes a Ferrari 275 GTB worth around £2.6 million, a Ferrari Daytona spyder from the 70s worth around £2.4 million, three classic Jaguars worth over £300,000 each, a Daimler Dart Police car, a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang replica and even a Fiat Abarth 125. The Jags on offer may not reach the same value as the Ferraris yet but there will be many potential investors lining up to grab what are, in classic car terms, bargains, especially when they have been owned by a celebrity.

The Classic Car Market

Now, more than any other time in recent history, is the time to be proud of your classic car, or to think about investing in one. With interest rates staying low as they have done for what feels like decades, making money from savings just isn’t working. Buying paintings, sculptures and watches are all making people good returns but nothing comes close to the classic car market for making money. Car’s that 10 years ago were worth just a few thousand pounds are now pushing into the tens of thousands, and cars that were in the multiple hundreds of thousands are moving into the reach of only the very richest few, like Mr Chris Evans.

The Classic Car Conundrum

While it may be exciting for owners and investors that the market is as it is, there is a sad reality that many of these cars are now worth so much no one will ever get to see them. As with many works of art, they get stored away in controlled conditions and never get a chance to be enjoyed. However, a painting was only ever meant to be looked at, a classic car weas meant to be driven and being stored away seems like even more of a crime. Thankfully people like Chris Evans do actually drive their classic cars and allow others to revel in their splendour and soak up the smells and noises and as long as there it still a few Evans’ around the world will be a better place.

If you happen to own an 80’s Jaguar XJS, or a 70s Datsun Fairlady for example, now is the time to get it cleaned up and look after it, these cars are already gaining value and this increase is unlikely to stop. But remember, driving these cars is not a crime, just be careful, they might be worth more than your house.