Big Is Beautiful

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These days it seems like everyone wants to by small cars and some small car owners can frown at larger cars suggesting they take up too much space and must be terrible to park. However, for a lot of people who perhaps don’t live in built up areas a larger car can be a wonderfully useful, comfortable and flexible choice and with economic modern engines the big car really can be a beautiful car.

Size Snobs

The rise of the super mini class has lead to one or two size snobs out there on the road. But this feeling is very much misguided, there are some amazing small cars on the market that really are quite revolutionary like the Fiat 500 or the world conquering Ford Fiesta. However, just because these small cars are great does not mean larger cars are bad, it all depends on where you live and what you need a car for. Many people are concerned about parking a larger car and so never really consider one, instead forge on with a smaller car that is perhaps not ideal for them. The reality is, parking sensors and cameras make paring larger cars easy these days.

Why You Might Go Big

If you live in a village or rural area you will not suffer the same space issues as many city living folk. This is not just about parking spaces but also general road driving, a person who drives in central London everyday will certainly feel the benefit of a small car and being able to nip into gaps and around stationary cars etc. But if you never really venture into large towns and spend most of your time on open A roads and empty B roads then a larger car makes perfect sense.

You may also be someone that does nearly all their driving on a motorway, in this situation a larger car can offer that extra feeling of safety and comfort in traffic jams and at high speeds.For those of you with families that include the 4 legged and 2 legged children a larger car is essential, trying to fit everyone into a smaller car no matter how good it is might be somewhat of an issue.

SUV, Saloon or Estate

If you are thinking of going big there are a lot of choices from sleek saloons and load lugging estates to the ever popular SUV option. They all have their uses and they all suit different people in different ways, but they are all great!

In terms of saloon cars you really can’t go wrong with a Ford Mondeo, this car has been a staple on British roads for years and each time a new one comes out it just keeps getting better. You might have a little more budget and want something with a bit more power so take a look at the Jaguar XF. Jaguar have been making luxurious and subtly powerful cars for a very long time and the current range is no exception. Saloons offer plenty of boot space, loads of room inside but maintain a more sporty feel, they look cool and will eat up the miles in comfort and style.

If you are set on having all the feel of a saloon with lots of extra load space then a large estate is the way to go. You really have to hand it to the Vauxhall Insignia estate for looking great, packing a very good CDTi engine and having a whopping boot. But for something a little different the Mazda 6 tourer really is a looker, this super cool load lugger is real head turner.

You may have your heart set on an SUV and you are spoilt for choice. If you have the budget then Land Rover is your first port of call, the Range Rover Evoque or the Discovery Sport could well be the option for you, all the capability of the bigger 4X4s but a little less full on. There are, of course so many other SUV options you could spend weeks reading all the reviews but you can be sure you will never go wrong with a Nissan. The Qashqai certainly sticks to that fact, this ultra successful SUV comes in a number of different engine options to suit all tastes.

Loving Living Large

Small cars are amazing, and they have changed motoring forever, but let us never forget that larger cars are not a crime. Modern vehicles all have some great fuel consumption figures and CO2 stats. the days of a big cars being petrol guzzlers are gone. If you don’t need to have a small car and you want something bigger then go forward and grab a great car without feeling guilty.