Fiat 500X Gets the Abarth Treatment

There is no doubt the crossover segment is a popular one, there is also no doubt the Fiat 500 is now a highly successful remake of a classic. When you add the two together you get the already well received Fiat 500X so where else could Fiat take this mix of two worlds? Well they can start by making it faster; a lot faster, and then see it fly into the new performance crossover segment along with the Juke R and the hot Mini Countryman.

Crossing over again

The crossover itself is a segment that has come out of a massive surge in popularity of the SUV group. People like the higher driving position, the safety and the utility these cars offer. However, not everyone wants the size that tends to come with an SUV and so the crossover was born. The SUV may have been part car part 4X4 but the crossover is part car, part SUV and for a lot of people it is the perfect combination. The Fiat 500X has already seen some great reviews, Fiat have taken a lot of the romance people fell in love with when the new 500 model launched, stuck a four wheel drive system in, bulked it up and created a very desirable car indeed.


Abarth was always a name synonymous with Italian racing and racing cars but it was always something quite niche and often viewed as something from the past. However, since Fiat bought the sporting brand it has become the engine that fuels the performance cars Fiat wanted to roll out under their brand. Much like Renault sport is to Renault and RS is to Ford, the Abarth badge has appeared on some very interesting cars. The most famous of recent years was the Fiat 500 Abarth, and it is still doing rather well now. Hailed as a revolution in handling and small sporty fun even Michael Schumacher famously bought one and loved it. So now the next car on Fiat’s Abarth hit list is the unlikely 500X, perhaps not the first choice for a performance makeover but certainly one that will jump straight into the fast growing performance crossover segment.

The 500X Abarth

The car itself is still largely a rumor but it is likely to use the same engine found in the stunning Alfa Romeo 4C although the 1.75 litre turbo charged engine will be down tuned to suit the 500X. Downtuned it may be, but it will still push out around 200bhp which will make it feel like a rocket. With round bumpers, lowered stance, multiple exhaust pipes and the usual wheels and badges of the Abarth brand the 500X is going to be a very cool car. The Nssan Nismo Juke RS is creating a lot of interest and the look is certainly distinctive, but for people who are not so keen the 500X will offer a very appealing alternative.