Mazda Koeru Concept Unveiled

The market for Crossover SUVs is certainly getting busy, this safe and flexible option for those who like the SUV styling is proving to be very popular indeed. More and more manufacturers are trying to get in on the act and the latest entry is the Koeru Concept from Mazda.

The Design

The Koeru is being unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show next month so the worlds motoring press will be queuing to see what Mazda are going to bring to the already quite full table.  Of course Mazda are no stranger to the crossover world with their popular and stylish CX-3 and CX-5 models. The Koeru is a bit of a departure from the CX’s with a much more sweeping look. This kind of low roof style has been seen in some of the more sporty SUVs like the BMW X6. It is certainly a look that will appeal to people who like the ride height and utility of an SUV but don’t like the sometimes box like styling. At the moment the concept is a 5 door model which would certainly be a popular choice to carry on with.

The Engine

Mazda have not released much info about the engine choices yet but they have said it will use the SkyActiv range. The odds are it will use the same 1.5 Diesel and 2.0 litre petrol engines seen in the CX-3 but you never can tell and perhaps Mazda might not do as predicted.

The Future

The word Koeru means “exceed” in Japanese so Mazda are clearly setting this concept car up to be something special, and why not? The MX5 is a legend and Mazda are more than capable of creating another one. It is likely this will sit alongside the CX-3 and CX-5 and might possibly be called the CX-4 when it is finally launched. It remains to be seen what the press will think of it once it is shown off at the Frankfurt show but it certainly looks interesting at this point. Mazda are describing the Koeru as a bold statement in an increasingly popular and competitive segment. This seems like a very realistic way of viewing it and another clear suggestion that they have big plans for the car.