The Fiat 500X Gets Some Extreme Exessories

Customising your car has until recently really only been the preserve of mainly young men and it normally included some pretend chrome parts form Halfords. For the really keen it may include an exhaust system that cost more than the car itself but now owners and potential owners of the Fiat 500X can choose from a wide range of new toys for their car from bonnet strips and carbon effect wing mirrors to ski racks and mountain bike carriers.

The Car

The new range of extras is called MOPAR and is only available for the new Fiat 500X Crossover. The 500X sits very much along side cars like the Nissan Juke and the Renault Captur as a cool, small crossover. It has been very well received and seems to really add something extra to the Fiat 500 range which seems to be ever expanding at the moment. Ever since the new 500 was launched the range has always been for people who wanted something a little different and now they can take that a step further with these custom accessories.

What’s On Offer?

The MOPAR range gives a pretty wide choice of extras from styling bits to roof racks. The styling options include bonnet and roof decals that come in packs with door cards and wing mirror covers. These offer a range of colours in what are called Xtra packs. It gives people a chance to enhance the exterior of the car and make their 500X that little bit different from the next one. But the exterior options don’t stop there, Fiat have very kindly launched some new wheel options too, and for around £800 a set they are very good value. The wheels come in some suitable funky colour options like Silver and white, red and black and plain black if you are feeling extra cool.

To enhance the crossover and utility aspect of the 500x Fiat have also launched some roof bar options for those who like to get stuck in on the slopes and push the other kind of pedals too. With a snow specific roof system that can carry multiple sets of skis and snowboards to fully wired bike racks with tail lights, they have thought of everything. Some nice little add-ons to these packs are things like boot liner systems to allow you to put snowy boots in the back without getting everything wet as the snow melts…a common problem for winter sport lovers.

It is not such a big deal for a manufacturer to offer some added extra, but the MOPAR range offers these to people buying a new car or people who want to go back an add something to a car they have already bought, so you don’t need to make up your mind in the showroom. The other great thing is that these extras offer fashion and function, normally these kind of things are either very dull or purely aesthetic and offer no use at all, the MOPAR range offers a lot more.