Ford GT is Ready For Le Mans 2016


The Ford GT40 on which the 2005 and the new model is based was famous across the world for winning at Le Mans, it was infamous in Italy for breaking their dominance at the famous 24 hour race and now its back for more.

The GT

With more and more photos emerging in the motoring press and the list of names on the order list growing the new Ford GT is certainly causing a stir. But much of the interest is centered around the road car, this new supercar is packing some serious punch as well as jet fighter levels of technology and design. For Ford, although the road car will be a big PR coup they have their eyes on another prize; Le Mans.


In the 60’s Ferrari dominated Le Mans. This 24 hours race was not only a test of speed it was a test of endurance for both the drivers and the cars. It was this last point that has always made it something manufacturers love to win. If their cars can race for 24 hours without breaking then people will want to buy them. Naturally not many people can afford to buy the kinds of cars that win Le Mans but in the circles where people do have that kind of money winning matters. Ford were a little fed up of the Italians ruling the roost at Le Mans so they developed their own car to try and challenge them; the GT40. It went on to win 4 years in a row and Ferrari were not happy, not happy at all.

The Present

Ford have released an amazing video showing of the new GT Le Mans car and it seems like they mean business once again. Ferrari have not won a Le Mans race since their first defeat by the GT40 but the race does have other masters. Audi have be taking the crown year after year for a long time, it was only in 2015 that another German brand took the top step and that was the mighty Porsche. This means the new GT does have some serious rivals but if history tells us anything it is that things have a habit of repeating. Could Ford be about to upset the Stuttgart speedsters as well as the Scuderia ones?

Although Ferrari do not dominate Le Mans anymore they do dominate the supercar world and the arrival of a new Ford GT will no doubt be causing a few worried glances and shaking espresso cups at Maranello. Ford are clearly aiming to become a major player in both worlds and the GT certainly looks like it has what it takes. It certainly has the race pedigree and from the information and look of the road car it has the style and the other supercar traits to make it on the road too.