Being Able to Drive is Like Being Able to Swim


Being able to drive is a life skill, if you are physically able to learn and you can afford to do so, you should. Driving should be treated in the same way as being able to swim or knowing basic first aid; it could prove just as likely to save a live.

Why Drive

These days driving does, quite rightly, come with the caveat that you must consider the  environment why buying a car or making a journey. However, this doesn’t make driving any less important, it just means you have to think a little before buying a car that burns more fuel than a power station and using it to drive 4 meters down the road to the shop. The freedom driving offers people is still critical, but it is not just freedom, it is being able to help people who are stuck, visiting friends, driving your loved one to hospital, helping your Grandma to get to the shops; the list is endless.

Not being able to drive when you are perfectly able to learn means you cannot engage in any of the beneficial activities that driving allows, it also means you miss out on all the fun!

Driving is Easy

There are some people that find driving very hard and also find it terrifying, this is a real shame but with the right help they can still enjoy driving. However, for most people, driving is really not that hard, if you are thinking about learning or you know someone who is, just think how many people can drive; lots, and if it was hard would that many people be able to do it?

There is no doubt that the driving test is a little tricky, and that is for good reason, the test is designed to make sure everyone on the road is safe. But driving instructors are generally very good and will be able to get most people through and out onto the roads.

The Joys of Driving

The main, and most amazing thing about driving is having the freedom to go anywhere you want to. But there are also many other benefits to being mobile, even if it is just being able to visit a friend who lives too far form a train station to get to otherwise. If you don’t drive you are very likely to have been given a lift by a friend at some point, maybe it was home from the pub, or even on a group holiday. Being able to return the favor is a something to be enjoyed and your friends will appreciate it too.

Having your own car is also one of the greatest feelings in the world. Not everyone can afford a new car but there are any number of used car finance deals that can make a car accessible to most people, and if that is too much then some of the main internet classified sites can provide a good cheap first car for less than £1500. Whether you start with something small and friendly like a Nissan Micra or Vauxhall Corsa or you go from something a little larger like a Ford Focus you will be proud of it. No new driver owns a car they don’t love, and that is because of the joy and freedom it brings.

Driving can come in handy in so many different times and places, it offers freedom and the ability to help those around you, it is also enormously fun. So, if you can’t drive, get some lessons booked and start planning what car you are going to buy.