Why The Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake Will Change Your Life


There are not many cars that are all things to all men (and women) but there is a really good chance the Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake is just that. It manages to be multiple cars in one and so making the need for multiple cars a little obsolete. With more power than the Hogwarts train and enough space for at least 4 Kardashian posteriors’ and their luggage the XFR-S really is something special.

The Car

The Jaguar XF is a great looking car, it encompasses much of the classic Jaguar feel as it cruises along the road with subtle power ready to hurry things up whenever it is needed. It provides the perfect alternative for people who want a luxury saloon but don’t want a BMW or Audi, also, let’s be honest, everyone loves the Jaguar brand and the badge! The XFR-S is a slight departure from this recipe though, it is less cruiser and more bruiser, the styling alone really shows the car means business. With carbon grills, various body kit parts, 4 exhaust pipes and enormous wheels there is no doubt the what this car is all about.

The Power

The XFR-S is certainly packing a little more than the usual 2.0 litre diesel you would expect to see in an estate car; it boasts a nothing short of an epic 5.0 litre supercharged V8. To say this engine is powerful is like saying the Sahara Desert can get a little warm, this engine feels like having the hulk trapped under the bonnet. It will get the car from 0 to 60 mph in around 4 seconds; yes that’s 4 seconds and don’t forget this is a big estate car. That kind of performance will see off all but the latest offerings from Porsche, it will see off a number of Ferrari’s even from the last 10 years. There is almost nothing you are likely to encounter on the road on a day to day drive that would even come close. The top speed is limited to 155 but when you drive this car you would be forgiven for thinking it could push towards the big 200mph. Then there is the noise, the beautiful sound of that V8, it is something rather biblical and something rather orchestral at the same time, the only problem is that as the car is quite long so the people you drive past get to hear it better than you do in the front.

The Reality

With a lot of high powered cars the reality of living with them is somewhat less appealing, this just isn’t the case with the XFR-S. Inside you are treated to a stunning interior, and even though it is made with a racey feel there is no compromise on quality or comfort to save weight, why should there be? The car has more than enough pulling power to deal with a few comfy seats. So all the family, or 4 adults can sit in absolute comfort with all the normal luxuries you would expect in a big saloon or estate. There are options for digital TV and all sorts of toys to keep everyone happy, not to mention privacy glass and independent climate controls for each seat. But one of the Sportbrake’s greatest tricks is the boot, it is massive. You can fit in luggage for 4 adults without any issues at all, the family dog can go in there with all the beach gear, the shopping and the pram, you name it, it will fit. The XFR-S would be more than capable of doing the Sunday rubbish tip run too.

In short, this car is brilliant, it is fast, powerful and it will do everything a family car can do. For those people that don’t believe you can have your cake and eat it when it comes to cars, you are wrong, thanks to Jaguar you can now have it all.