Car Park Behaviour – The Good, The Bad and The Awful


No one actually likes car parks, they are something every driver has to use, but never could it be said they were a pleasure. We are not talking the nice little parking spot on a scenic driver here either, we are talking about the classic supermarket car park and all the bad behaviour that goes on in it.

The Wrongwayer

Everyone can see the arrows on the ground, they are painted white and in most car parks they are very clear. So why do you always see someone going the wrong way? There are two types of wrongwayer, there are the people that are just awful drivers and have literally no clue about road signs or arrows and there are the people that do it on purpose to try and grab a space. The first kind can be rather terrifying, not being aware of your surroundings and clear road markings is not a good thing, it is almost OK in the confines of a car park but the worry is when they head back out onto the main road. The second type are just trying to cheat, you have all seen them, they sneak round knowing there is a space and hope they don’t meet anyone coming the other way. When they do they always seem reluctant to reverse and look surprised  you have appeared in front of them.

The Spacestealer

These cheerful folk really are a naughty bunch, they will lurk behind other cars that are pulling to one side or perhaps taking a massive amount of room before reversing into a space and then just jump in and pretend nothing has happened. On a busy Saturday morning this kind of behaviour can cause some real altercations and should be avoided at all costs. When it comes to supermarket car parks there is always going to be another space soon, there is no need to become a spacestealer.

The Dent and Runner

What is more annoying that coming back to your car after a turn round the isles to find your beloved car has a dent or scratch on it? The idea of hitting someone’s car and then driving off without leaving a note is a terrible one. These people are either so embarrassed they can’t face the phone call from the injured party or they are just mean. Our friends the unaware wrongwayer might also find themselves bumping a car and not noticing which is no better really. If you damage someone’s car, leave a note with your number on it and let them call you if they feel they need to make any kind of claim, if not a number, then at least an e mail address.

The Wrongspacer

Getting near the front of the store seems to be top priority for some people, even though the trolley park is probably further back and there are always more spaces away from the shop. These people are so keen on a space in prime position they are willing to park in parent and child bays with no kids on board or even worse, the disabled bays. The later quite rightly should be fined but parking in the parent bays seems to go unpunished and for a parent with 2 or 3 kids in the car having that little bit of extra room is essential. It may save you 30 seconds walking to the shop but it causes other people a lot of trouble.

No matter what car you drive from a Micra to a Range Rover, you should consider your actions in car parks. This everyday places don’t need to be battle grounds if everyone behaves. Have some patience, follow the rules and a space will present itself. If it is 10 meters further from the door than you wanted consider it free exercise.