1 in 3 Qualified Drivers Fail Theory Test Quiz

Just because someone has passed their driving test doesn’t always mean they would be able to do so again. The fact that you only ever have to do it once means there are 1000’s of people driving on our road that may not pass if they took the test tomorrow. Online car buying website We Buy Any Car recently conducted an mock theory test wit h over 20,000 motorists and the results were rather interesting.

The Test

The mock test used in this experiment was based around the theory part of the DVLA driving test, it included questions about road signs and driving rules and regulations. Over a period 3 of months more than 20,000 people took part in this online quiz where the questions were actually taken from old theory tests. As with the official test, drivers were given the choice of 4 answers for each question and because nearly 95% of the people taking part were not We Buy Any Car customers the data was deemed representative and the stats correct.

The Results

Although there are some very interesting results when you look deeper into the stats, the overall results were that a lot of people failed the test. This means there are a large number of people driving today that could not pass the DVLA theory test and so could not get their licence if they tried again now.

One of the really interesting results was that the people who were generally likely to have taken the test most recently did the worst. The 17-21 age bracket performed worse than any other age range, many people would have expected these younger drivers to have been more up to date and fresh from their test. The 46-65 age range actually performed the best with a pass rate of 75% against 51% from the 17-21 group.

According to the DVLA generally women perform better in the theory test than men but in this trial is seemed the women were over 10% behind when it came to passing.  There were also differences between the Counties people lived in, with London and Middlesex fairing poorly against more rural counties like Somerset. Top results saw a pass rate of around 70% from many counties but London and others fell right down to around 65%.

What Does This Mean

Firstly it is no great surprise that there are some people who have their licences but could not pass the test again now. The test changes over time and unless people read the new version of the Highway Code every time it comes out they are likely to miss a few things. What is important is that the results don’t tell us which questions caused the most issues. It may have been that the vast majority of people failed on the car maintenance questions rather than critical rules of the road. This would be less of a concern, people not being able to top up their oil but understanding how a box junction works if generally nothing to worry about.

It is very interesting that the younger age ranges did badly, this does suggest there should be more post test support for young drivers to help cement what they have learnt. It seems far too easy to pass the test and forget everything, people who have been driving for years seem to be able to retain the information better.

Overall the results are not good and it highlights the fact that everyone should adopt the attitude that they are always learning to drive. Every journey should be a potential lesson so we all become better drivers over time not worse ones!