The 3rd Generation Ford GT40 is Already a Legend

There is no doubt that since is was first seen at the Detroit motor show earlier this year the Ford GT Supercar has caused quite a stir. This is the 3rd version of what was the GT40, with the 2005 Ford GT being the 2nd. Ford have taken the GT to new levels of power, technology and style and the queue to by one is already forming.

Power and Technology

When it comes to supercars the first thing most people want to know is how powerful and how fast it is. So far the top speed has not been openly discussed but the power and engine certainly have. Ford are once again using their phenomenal Eco-boost engine but in a slightly different guise. The GT will have a 3.5 litre mid mounted twin turbo charged V6 that will push out near enough 600bhp. Between that powerhouse and the wheels will be a 7 speed dual clutch gear box to make sure ever last hair on those horses gets to where it should be going…the road.

An utterly staggering fact that has recently come out about the GT is the amount of computing power it uses. A Boeing 787 does all it’s computer work using 6 million lines of code, an F22 jet fighter does the same using 2 million lines of code, the GT uses 10 million. It’s computer deals with 3000 signals from 50 sensors around the car and needs 28 microprocessors to deal with all the information.  Even if you are not a computer whiz, the comparison with a jet fighter is mind blowing.

Where Do I Get One?

The first thing to consider is the price, the GT is likely to cost around £250,000. However, the costs is the least of your worries, actually getting hold of one will be the real battle. Only 250 cars will be made each year and production is likely to run over 3 to 4 years. Take the fact that only 28 of some 4000 of the previous GT came to the UK the odds of seeing one let alone buying one of the new ones is pretty remote. These stats have not put people off though, Ford have said they already have over 100 people on an order list, some of which are likely to be very disappointed.


The number of design firsts and unique ideas involved in this car is massive. With carbon body panels, flying buttresses and a totally unique interior the GT is not only powerful, expensive and already rare, it is also cutting edge in more than just its technological feats.

The GT is part of a promise by Ford to produce 12 performance cars globally by 2020. This list does include the new Focus RS and the mighty Raptor, but you wont be alone in looking forward to seeing what else arrives over the next few years if the GT is anything to go by. This stunning car will be a game changer on the roads as well as when it takes on Le Mans which was the place where the GT first became a legend.