Supercar Crackdown in London

Certain areas of London popularised by programmes like Made In Chelsea are becoming hot beds for supercars. It is getting so common to see Italian rarities, German muscle cars and more that car fans are actually going to the areas just to car spot. With this influx of exotica comes the inevitable noise, and exhuberant driving you would expect and some of the neighbours have had enough.

The Cars

The list of cars you might spot in these areas is long and distinguished and they are not all standard models either. One rather infamous gold Ferrari 458 Spider can be regularly seen parked outside high end shops and cafes as well as the only 6 wheeled G63 6×6 Mercedes in the UK. The mighty Bugatti Veyron is almost common place with Pagani Zonda’s, many types of Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche all seen regularly. The money collectivley and literally moving around on the roads of Chelsea and Knightsbridge is staggering and it only seems to be increasing.

The People

As a general rule, evidence suggests that it is mainly younger men that are not only buying these cars in the area, and importing them, but also using them on the roads all the time. Older people who buy supercars will tend to get them out on a weekend to drive out of the city, not use them during the week and during the day and night. There are people that suggest a large portion of these young men are Middle Eastern but where people are from is largely irrelevant. The point is that younger men do have a habit of showing off, and everyone is aware of how young men show off…they use cars. The number of cheap cars with big exhausts in supermarket car parks across the country far outweighs this supercar group, but it is generally accepted in normal towns and cites.

The Problem

The problem may be a real one, a Ferrari 458 with a custom exhaust revving at nearly 9000 rpm will certainly make a noise. For many car fans it would be a wonderful sound, but possibly not when they are trying to get their kids to sleep or enjoy a meal. The residents are complaining about the cars being revved when stationary to show off, used in rapid displays of acceleration at traffic lights and also being parked in public and awkward places. Even the most hardened petrol head would start to get annoyed if this went on day in day out and all night too, especially when the cars are being parked in loading bays and other restricted parking areas too.

The Solution

The local council is now holding a consultation about what is called a Public Space Protection Order which will essentially outlaw any kind of anti social driving behaviour. This will include all of the issues that seem to be a problem in these areas. What sort of legal punishment will be levied on the drivers is not yet known but it is clear the residents of these exclusive areas have had enough and they are certainly not to be trifled with.

We all love supercars and we all love to hear them being loud and proud but a constant barrage of revving and dangerous driving on small residential roads is perhaps not how most of us would dream of seeing these cars. The potential speeds involved are high and dangerous so it is not just noise that might be an issue.