New Astra Sports Tourer Spotted

It seems Vauxhall are out on the roads testing a number of their new cars at the moment. Most recently seen was the Astra “GSi” hatchback which is yet to be officially announced. But reports are also going around about a disguised estate version of the Astra likely to be marketed as a sports tourer option. This will come out, once again, in direct competition to the Ford Focus estate version as well as the SEAT Leon ST, however, there is always enough buyers to go around and more choice can only be a good thing.


The front end seems to match that of the hatch back that has been shown around officially. The similarity does, however, seem to end once you reach the front seats. A straighter more functional roof line leads through to a full height estate boot which will offer plenty of space. The over hang at the back also suggests a really functional estate rather than a sloping less useful sporting brake style estate.


If the hatchback is anything to go by, which it is fair to say  it should be, the Sports tourer will be considerably lighter than its predecessor with the use of some shiny new lightweight materials. The suggestions is the weight loss could be as much as 200 kgs which is a lot in anyone’s books.


Once again, using the hatchback  as a guide it is likely the interior options will be upgraded too,with a nice new infotainment system and some new interior materials to keep you safe and in comfort. The interior of the hatchback is actually bigger than the previous model even though the exterior is smaller, this tardis like quality is likely to extend to the sports tourer too.


As always with spy shots and rumours the power units can only be guessed at, but industry insiders are normally pretty good at working these things out. The range will go from around 100bhp to a 157bhp option. The choice of engines starts with a 3 cylinder petrol turbo seen in the Corsa, through to larger turbo charged petrol and diesel engines including the 1.6 whisper diesel engine. It has also been suggested the 250bhp GSi engine will also make an appearance for those people who like some power with their load space.

As with everything at the moment, the Astra will be fully shown off at the Frankfurt motor show in September and the cars should start hitting the showrooms by November. The sports tourer could certainly make an excellent choice for people needed a big boot but not wanting a fully fledged estate car.