The F-Pace is Put Through It’s….Paces

There has been a lot of hype about the Jaguar F-Pace recently. With the support role for the British Tour De France winners, appearances at all sorts of motor shows and just the general excitement about what the final car will be like. It is almost like Jaguar are trying to promote a new car or something. Well, to add to this growing amount of press coverage and information about the car Jag have now released some very interesting info about the extremes they have put the car under to test it.


Everyone knows cars get very hot in the British summer, though it may seem unlikely sometimes. It actually gets so hot in cars during our brief summers that dashboards and other plastics can actually warp and fade, it is not common but it does happen. The idea of having to replace the dashboard of any car is painful but to do it to your lovely new Jaguar F-Pace doesn’t bare thinking about. It is not just damage to stationary cars that suffer, poor air conditioning systems can make summer journeys unpleasant at best. With this in mind, and other far hotter countries no doubt, Jaguar have taken rather extreme lengths to test the F-Pace.

The F-Pace was taken to Dubai where temperatures can reach 50 degrees centigrade and inside a car this can even hit a mind melting 70 degrees. What better place to see if the Jaguar’s new air con system works then. The car was put through its paces thoroughly in these intense conditions, presumably it coped very well and certainly won’t have too much of an issue with a warm day in Totnes.


Not content with almost cooking the F-Pace the folk at Jaguar sent it packing off to Arjeplog, in Northern Sweden. This innocent sounding place commonly experiences temperatures dropping below minus 40 degrees centigrade, surely enough to test any car to its limits. Jaguar used a purpose built test facility for the cold weather testing, though details of the actual tests have not been released. You can guarantee it included testing the heated seats to their absolute limit at the very least.

The Results

As mentioned, the results of the tests have not been released, however it is safe to assume the fact Jaguar told the world about these tests will mean the F-Pace emerged unscathed and intact. Jaguar said this may have been the most extreme testing any car has been through pre production, and for consumers this can only be a good thing.

September will hail the final unveiling of the F-Pace at the Frankfurt motor show, there are certainly a lot of people waiting to see what this Sporty SUV will be like in the flesh. It certainly has a lot going for it at this stage.