Jaguar F-Pace Celebrates with Team Sky

Jaguar has been an official an partner of the Sky cycling team since it was created in 2010, but in 2014 it became the official innovation partner. This change meant not only did it supply support cars like the XF Sportbrake and F-Type Coupe but it also took part in developing vehicles specifically for the team to use and train with. The brand also helped create the bespoke bikes that won this 3rd Tour De France for the British team. It was the perfect time to test the new SUV style F-Pace and show the world what it could do.

Demanding Sport

Cycling is one of the most demanding sports in the world, the competitors train, train and train some more. They do this in all weathers, at all times of the year and in many different ways. Training on a road bike often means covering massive distances, over 100 miles a day is barley even breaking a sweat for Chris Frome and his team. However, these kind of distances mean being stuck with a broken pedal crank or damaged wheel miles from base is a problem. The riders are often burning so many calories over long rides that they can literally keel over mid ride if they miscalculate their food intake so support vehicles are essential.

F-Pace in a supporting role

The F-Pace certainly makes for a brilliant support vehicle, the ample room for mechanical, medial and coaching staff to follow the riders in comfort is certainly a plus point. However it is also the versatility and boot space that come in handy for all those bags of water bottles and food. Then of course there is the room on the roof for a large bike rack , often stacked with anything up to 8 bikes at a time. But don’t forget, support cars also have to tackle some of the biggest road hill climbs in the world, so solid torque and smooth power delivery are essential for keeping a steady pace with the riders.

The F-Pace

The car is technically a prototype so was still in semi camouflage during this essential trial, with enormous decals of the riders and Sky logo down the side the F-Pace looked great but everyone is waiting to see it as it will be when it hits our roads. Jaguar says it is the perfect balance between performance and practicality and it seems team Sky are certainly keen on it. But it is also the support and technology Jaguar were able to deploy to help with bike and helmet design that really made this partnership a winning combination. The team at Perrys are over the moon the Sky boys have done it again, and very proud that they had a little help from everyone’s favorite big cat.