Nissan To Invest Heavily in New Micra

The Nissan Micra has been a strong choice in the UK for many years, early models brought an unexpected challenge to makers like Ford and Vauxhall in the 80s. For some, however, the more recent versions have not had quite the same appeal, which is sad because they are great cars. Some people in the press suggested the interior feel was not high enough quality, these people often forgot to realise the clear value of the car and reliability history.

Trevor Mann,Nissan Executive Vice-President recently announced the next generation of the Micra will be a little different. The car will be largely based on the Nissan Sway concept car that was shown at the recent Geneva motor show. Mann does agree that the quality perception of some people has damaged sales of the Micra and he is determined to change that.

The Sway certainly looked amazing and with some heavy new investment into interior design the new Micra is set to be a very impressive little car. Trevor Mann suggested this latest version will be truly worthy of the Micra name and will considerably boost sales for the company.

Naturally the UK motoring industry is keen to see the new Micra built in Nissan’s Sunderland plant but at this point the location of the new build is up in the air. Mann was quoted as saying he knew Sunderland was up to the job, but there were other factors at play and he could not confirm anything about production.

The new Micra is likely to look very good, have some serious toys on board and a touch of luxury inside. The super mini buying public are very demanding and deserve to be so. Cars like the Fiat 500, the new Vauxhall Viva and the ever present Ford Ka are leading the market and the Micra is going to have to come out fighting to win the hearts and minds of the British public.