Vauxhall Revolutionises Servicing With VX360

You will not be alone if you feel a little concerned when you put your car in for a service or any work at a garage. No matter how reputable the service centre or dealership is, you may still feel like you could get ripped off. It is a simple fact that most people don’t understand the advice from mechanics and generally just say yes to any work they suggest. In years gone by and even today at bad garages, mechanics may have taken advantage of this fact and suggested work that did not need to be done just to make some extra money. Now, this kind of practice is thankfully almost a thing of the past, however, for many people the whole situation is still a concern.

The vX360 Revolution

Vauxhall have just launched a new system that might just change the face of servicing forever and t is called VX360. The idea is a simple one, but up until now, has not been available before. The idea behind the system is a video report on the work needed on your car. This 360 view video allows the customer to not only understand the work that is being recommended but also decide if they want to go ahead with the work.

The Advantages

There are a number of clear advantages with VX360:

– The customer is not in a a face to face situation when being asked to spend extra money. They are not even on the phone, so can feel totally at ease saying no to the work if it is not essential. For many people on a budget this will be an enormous relief.

– The customer can take time to really understand what the video is showing. The 360 visual guide will inform, and educate the customer in such a way that they will feel confident about the work and pleased it is being done.

– Just by the click of a mouse or a tap of a phone screen the customer is able to agree the work. For many people this may happen on the move or at work, even in a meeting.

The Future

Of course, VX360 is a great idea, but it shows a more important underlying culture change. Vauxhall are going that extra mile to be totally transparent about the servicing and repair work and this can only be welcomed by the industry and the public alike.

At the moment the service is only available at certain centres but this is likely to spread across to more centres and hopefully more brands.