Modern Classics Go Under The Hammer At Silverstone

Normally the home of racing in the UK and more recently the location for the most exciting F1 race this season; Silverstone will play host to a very exciting modern classics auction later this month. With the classic car market at an all-time high, investment in more modern classics is on the rise. The terms classic and investment were once left for cars well over 50 years old, they are now used when talking about much newer vehicles.

The Cars

The auction will include around 50 vehicles ranging from more exotic cars like a Ferrari 328 GTS and a DeTomaso Pantera to various modern classics including a Mini Clubman from 1978.

Ford Sierra Cosworth

One quite affordable highlight of the Auction is a Moonstone Blue Ford Sierra Cosworth. These 80’s legends are very hard to come by, even harder if you want one that has not been modified. This particular example has a full service history, a recent cambelt change and even the original exhaust. It is expected to fetch around £20,000.

Renault Spider

This almost unheard of little classic is a really exciting. Launched in 1995 at the Geneva motorshow the car was originally codenamed W94 by Renault. The basis of this launch was the very successful Williams Renault F1 team and the 90’s boom in small sports cars which saw models like the MX-5 become so popular. Sadly not quite as successful, the Spider was certainly more of a pure driver’s car. It boasts a 0-60 mph time of 6.9 seconds which is considerable even today. The car was so geared towards racing it didn’t even come with a speedometer, just a rev counter and oil pressure and temperature gauge. This little rocket expected to also sell for around the £20,000 mark, what a great investment when you consider only 60 right hand drive models were ever made.

Range Rover

For something a little less sporty you might be interested in a classic 1988 Range Rover with just 15,000 miles on the clock from new. Surely one of the most iconic 4x4s in the world, only really over shadowed by its smaller but older brother the Land Rover. Finished in Alaskan Blue this car is all but unique as this colour was not widely used and no other examples are known in this kind of condition. This car has been kept in a heated garage for most of its life and has a full service history. Although the auction list suggests it may go for up to £30,000 the odds of it going for much more are very high.

Jaguar XJS

To add a dash of real 80’s splendour there will be a gleaming example of the iconic Jaguar XJS. This 1988 convertible is powered by the silky smooth 4.2 litre V12 and has only covered 15,000 miles. After the E-type, Jaguar had their work cut out trying to bring another classic to the table. For most people they succeeded with the XJS, with its swooping lines and subtle but seriously powerful engine. This very well kept example of a rare convertible version will certainly make someone very happy, let’s hope it stays on our roads for many years to come.